For years, short hairstyles have ruled the fashion world, now long hair is coming back in force and still has a bright future ahead of it.   

 Some celebrities have chosen shorter or shorter lengths and fashion representatives have brought many unique trends such as the pony loop and the dancer's bun.   

 Instead of opting for a complete reinvention of hair, with simple small changes to your current look it is possible to modernize your style without looking too trendy.   

 Moreover, some of today's very trendy styles are easily adaptable and require little commitment from those who are suspicious of too radical a change. How to update your hairstyle? 

 If your hair is the length of your neck, comb your hair well and then rotate it several times and wrap it in a bun by pinning it to your head.     Use hair pins to attach them to the shortest level or use the iron to soften them.   

 If you are good at working your hair, you can leave a few to give an air of freedom.   

 Curls and mini waves are to be avoided, it is better to keep your hair flowing and rather straight.   

  Even if you like to keep a few curls, make sure they fall on the tip and the rest is absolutely stiff.     Smooth is the keyword.   So get ready to blow dry for a curl-free cut!                        


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