How to create the perfect wardrobe?

Above all, you must ensure that you select timeless pieces, taking into account your morphology but also your personality. Many designers refer to the magic number of 34 pieces containing: 10 top pieces (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, etc.), 6 bottom pieces (2 skirts, 2 pants and 2 jeans), 5 dresses, 5 jackets or coats, 3 handbags and 5 pairs of shoes (sneakers, ballerinas, sandals, boots and pumps). But beyond the number, it is important to keep clothes in your closet in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. In this article, we will see in detail how to create the perfect wardrobe!

The essential parts to have in your perfect wardrobe

Let's start at the top. The ideal wardrobe should contain several types of tops. For the basics: a white t-shirt with a round collar, a white shirt, and also a checkered model. For a more original but timeless style, a sailor's outfit, a top with an ethnic motif (Indian, African, etc.). Keep some classics: a black blazer, a tuxedo jacket and a camisole.

A pencil skirt will be perfect for meetings or business meetings. For summer in particular, you should have a pretty floral dress. The little black dress is a must and will suit you perfectly, to choose according to your morphology.

As for jeans, a mandatory piece to possess in our time, ideally you should have at least 3: blue, black and white jeans. To stay trendy, you can choose a torn model, but always keep raw jeans and slim. Let's stay in denim fashion, because a small denim shorts must also be part of your ideal wardrobe. As for shoes, a pair of ballerinas, wedge sandals, pumps for special occasions and white sneakers for comfort and outings with friends.

A perfect wardrobe for autumn and winter

Of course, to create your perfect wardrobe, you will have to take into account the seasons. For autumn and winter: a light coloured hat, a fringe scarf, a down jacket are essential. A trench coat or coat in light brown, black or red. A black turtleneck sweater, a bomber and the timeless leather perfecto.

Accessories to own in your perfect wardrobe

Accessories alone can make the difference on a pretty outfit. Some essential to have in your ideal wardrobe: between 4 and 5 pairs of earrings (creoles, pearls, etc.), two watches (one to wear daily and one for special occasions), a silk scarf, and some jewelries (rings, necklaces) in gold and always very fine.

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