Wearing a  pantsuit suit, for a #girlboss look, without looking like a granny!

 If you like the trouser suit, but refuse to look like Angela Merkel (who is certainly very classy for a politician, but who is not really a fashion icon)? Here are some tips we can give you to avoid the so-called "memorizing" style, as our Cristina Cordula

Nationale would say! You will be able to dare elegance without fear of becoming too masculine or taking years too long!

 Don't hesitate to choose different colors, such as striped pants and a colorful top. The mix & match effect will be perfect and - above all - very elegant! A #ootd to Instagram automatically!  

You can also turn to the so-called "neo-classical" effect, i.e., adopt a plain outfit but with more flashy colors than black, navy blue, or grey! Say hello to yellow, burgundy, and pastel in all its tones!  To wear a woman's suit and tailor's pants properly, you must opt for originality and low visibility, in addition to choosing a tight and feminine cut! 

The elegant skirt suit, for the prettiest! Coco Chanel had created it, it comes back in force. Yes, fashion is an eternal restart. But how to wear the skirt suit without looking vulgar? Here are some tips.   

Like the woman's trouser suit, it will be necessary to be careful, especially after a certain age with the skirt suit, not to appear too severe. We will therefore opt for effects similar to the trouser suit: we say hello in pastel colors, mix & match, etc.   

Finally, the preferred morphologies of skirt suits are those in H shape (wide shoulders, wide waist and wide hips).

 All you have to do is accessorize everything to give character to your look. For example, a tailor with accessorized sneakers will give you an androgynous side. The same tailor may look much more feminine with pumps, etc.... Same for necklaces, earrings,... You are now ready to shine in your life as a professional woman!        

 And you, what is your magical secret to look you your best at work ?

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Comments (2)

    • Alice
    • 2019-04-02 11:11:23
    Je trouve parfois vraiment compliqué de porter un tailleur de façon chic et confortable en meme temps. c'est vrai que j'avais l'habitude de me diriger instinctivement vers des couleurs plutôt basiques (noir, bleu marine, gris clair) mais peut être est-ce une erreur ? j'ai repéré sur votre site la jupe Lola. irait-elle bien dans un tailleur ?
    • Celine
    • 2019-04-02 11:18:07
    Si je veux rester accessible tout en étant un minimum glamour et sexy (je travaille dans une boutique de parfums haut de gamme), dois-je plutôt choisir le tailleur jupe ou pantalon ? en pantalon j'ai parfois l'impression de faire trop stricte, trop "garçon manqué" mais en jupe comment éviter des regards trop appuyés ? merci !

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