Color analysis

Analysis of primary colours (blue, yellow, red)

When we think of blue, we immediately think of the sky and the sea. It is present everywhere and is the universal colour par excellence. Blue and its nuances (turquoise, cyan, etc.) is a symbol of dream, of tranquility. It is linked to calm, wisdom but also to truth and discovery.

Yellow refers to our star, the Sun. It is a radiant colour that is a symbol of celebration and joy, but also of knowledge and friendship.

Red evokes murky feelings: passion, love, but also blood and danger. It is the color of triumph and courage. A colour that leaves no one indifferent.

Secondary color analysis (green, orange, purple)

When you think of green, you think of nature immediately. Green is a soothing colour that evokes rest and serenity. It is linked to luck and hope.

The colour orange is a dynamic and benevolent colour. We immediately think of the fruit, and this evokes tone and vitality. A colour that evokes creativity and optimism.

Purple, especially its purple shade, evokes serenity. It is the color of dreamers and spiritual persons. It evokes peace, friendship, delicacy and zen attitude

Tertiary color analysis (brown, black, grey, white, pink, gold)

Brown is a reassuring colour that evokes the earth. We immediately think of chocolate, coffee, trees. It is a symbol of protection and softness.

Black is the ultimate classy and timeless colour. It is a symbol of rigour and authority. It is a neutral colour, but at the same time it represents a form of simplicity and elegance.

At the crossroads of black and white, you will come across grey, which on the surface can be bland and sad. However, it is a calm and soft colour that blends very well with other colours.

White is the colour of unity and balance. Its neutrality evokes purity and innocence. It can be easily combined with any other colour.

Pink is a feminine and romantic colour. It evokes sweetness, tenderness, happiness and youth.

Gold (or bright yellow) evokes wealth and wealth. It is a very warm color that is related to power and fertility and ease. On the clothing side, make sure you use it sparingly and by touch, especially for accessories (watches, jewellery, etc.)

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